Terminal San Giorgio (TSG), owned by Gavio Spa, is located in Genoa Port and it extends in the docks of Ponte Libia and Ponte Somalia covering a total surface of 206,000-sqm. Operating since 2006 and strongly oriented towards in technological innovation of equipments and training of personnel, TSG has succeeded in rapidly boosting its throughput within all their business segments.
With its features TSG is standing out as the premier multipurpose terminal amongst the Genoa Port and is equipped to handle the full range of key commodities as container, breakbulk, project cargo, yachts, steel products, Ro-Ro Cargo.
The main target of TSG is to offer a wide range of services covering all merchandise sectors, while through the years it’s gained a remarkable capacity in terms of skilled staff, dedicated areas and technological innovation. A young and motivated staff, supported by professionals and qualified by a long time experience in the field of port operation, will follow you in each project by offering specifi cally-tailored solutions.

The identity of multipurpose Terminal is the flagship of our Company as proudly demonstrated by a high degree of specialization in each cargo segment.
The determination to carry on the choice of multipurpose Terminal has been in fact appreciated by all of our Customers since the first year of opening the 2006, rewarding us with ever-increasing volumes and their feedbacks in terms of loyalty and mutual partnership.
Every success depends on the decision of a winning choice and Terminal San Giorgio is the multipurpose choice in Genoa!

Location and Services Area Equipment
- Ponte Libia and Ponte Somalia
- Loading/Unloading Full Containers, Break Bulk, Project Cargo, Yachts , Rolling Vehicles and Motorways of the Sea (RoRo)
206.000 Sqm. fully fenced with watchman plus videosurveillance services 24 hrs a day in compliance with ISPS regulation n. 1 Gru Mobile Gottwald 150 ton with twin lift
n. 1 Gru Mobile Fantuzzi 130 ton with twin lift
n. 1 Gru Mobile Fantuzzi 120 ton with twin lift
n. 1 Gru Mobile Fantuzzi 80 n. 8 Full Stackers
n. 25 Forklifts n. 21 Tugmaster
n. 70 Mafi ( between 80 tons / 120 tons payload )
All the required equipment to perform handling and loading/unloading Full Containers, Break Bulk, Project Cargo, Yachts , Rolling Vehicles.

Quay / Berths Draft Rail Facilities
1.600 meters with 6 LoLo berths + 3 RoRo berths 11 / 12 m. n.2 on-terminal railway lines