Operating Services

Full Container

Thanks to a constant operative improvement TSG has been widely appreciated with an increase of volume from the initials approx. 10.000 TEU ( 2006 ) up totoday’s approx 100.000 TEU.Full container service is part of a large port cluster embracing other important merchant sector. TSG can operate all year around with dedicated personnel.
Stuff / Unstuff containers, labelling activities, lashing and unlashing of cases and machineries in box and special equipment for every kind of cargo will be available.

Break Bulk & Project

TSG has years of experience in handling of break bulk, project cargo and heavy lift machinery. Using the latest lifting technology and equipment, skilled Port Captain will coadiuvate the Customer to find the best loading – unloading solution.
TSG can offer various value-added logistics services and possibilities for all types of cargo independently of their size or weight, in every segment of merchandise with the high grade of expertise that each sector requires.
In addition to a full range of equipment it goes without saying that TSG provide reliable and efficient handling performing the operations with excellent harbour cranes of capacities of up to 150 tons.


Many Customer rely on TSG as prime hub for their Vessel and we are able to offer simultaneously berth up to 6 Vessels. TSG can be your partner with its dedicated parking space for cars, trailer,industrial equipment and other rolling stock. We can offer pre-delivery inspection and tailored operative module to speed up the loading – unloading operation with the best throughput rate in Genoa.


Many years of experience has helped us to learn all the loading techniques and the use of specific equipment for lifting, securing and cradle fitting methods. Our attitude for this specific sector of market make TSG the leading operator in Genoa.
TSG can offer the highest level of technical competence and safety in the loading and unloading of this high value cargo. Yacht can be considered the gold of the sea moved in your TSG loyal terminal.
Any kind of equipment will be available in order to solve any kind of problem regarding weight, dimension and Yacht features.